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"The problem is, arrogance doesn't knock on the door and walk in -- it sneaks in under the door. You never see it and you never feel it."

- Timothy Haas, president of Coke's Latin American


Feasability Study

There is a hype around Business Intelligence, which means that there are many suppliers of BI tools and many consultancies building solutions in these tools. Consequently for the user, it is not easy to know how to proceed.

Our opinion is that many companies - especially mid-sized and smaller - spend too much money on BI projects. They invest in BI tools which often are very flexible and fancy - consequently quite complicated to handle. Many projects fail due to unclear expectations and lacking resources. For smaller companies Excel Powerpivot may be a quite sufficient tool to use.

We recommend ...

...to do a feasibility study. The purpose is to rapidly and cost efficient

  • identify inconsistencies and errors in input data
  • build a fully functional prototype in order to iteratively explore the demands from the business
  • identify resources needed in the organization to maintain a BI solution


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